Psychodynamic Counselling in Colchester, Essex.

We are each the curator of our own life, but how much are we choosing and what do we feel is inevitable or out of our control?  The real story of who we are, is created from every one of our experiences, whether they hold a place in our conscious memory or not.

I am passionate about making mental health support accessible through sharing resources, information, latest research and recommendations for books and podcasts.

The Curation of Life…

The intentional creation of a life that is meaningful and full of purpose

by consciously selecting relationships, experiences and activities that bring joy and satisfaction.

What is psychodynamic counselling?

Psychodynamic counselling is a talking therapy that uses the relationship between the client and the therapist to explore thoughts, feelings, and experiences to make sense of where the client is now.  Clients may have a particular issue or feeling they are struggling with or may be seeking clarity around repeating patterns or behaviours that are making them feel stuck.



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Private therapy… where to begin?

Private therapy… where to begin?

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Therapy is… Magic

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