Therapy is… Magic

A book review of ‘Therapy is… Magic’ by Jo Love.

An essential guide to the ups, downs and life-changing experiences of talking therapy’

If you have never experienced the magic of therapy and have been curious about how it works and what it could do for you, I highly recommend reading this book.  Jo Love is a mental health advocate, who shares her experiences, both good and awful, in this detailed exploration of therapy.

She shares information about different modalities of therapy and how to find the right practitioner for you.  There are reassuring insights on what to expect from a first session through to how and when to bring your journey to an end.  Jo has brought this information to life through generously sharing her own experiences of mental health struggles and explaining what did and did not help.

It is a book full of positivity and encourages curiosity about how therapy could benefit anyone.  Jo’s life has been changed by therapy and she is now a trainee psychotherapist, using her insight to facilitate the same change in others.  A great resource book that feels like getting advice and encouragement from a friend.


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